Camp Ninja!

Vem vill åka och träna hinderbana på otroliga Mikes Gym i Marbella? Tillsammans med Alexander Mars ordnar jag under vecka 44 en unik träningsresa ner till gymmet. Ni kommer få köra hinderbana, lära er Ninja-teknik, springa i berg och bli svettiga nere på stranden. Kolla in hur det såg ut sist.

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Instagram sensation – Fanny Josefine and Ninja Warrior – Alex Mars, owner and inspiration behind ExtremFabriken are collaborating with The Camp to bring you an epic training holiday, like no other at Mike’s Gym Marbella.

During this camp you will get to be part of their playful approach to training. ”For us, Ninja-training has the meaning of doing fun exercises that at the same time makes you stronger, Mikes gym is the perfect spot for us to do just that!”

The training camp is full board including comfortable accommodation and three healthy and nutritious meals per day, cooked on site.

Camp Ninja will not only include OCR training sessions on our colossal purpose-built obstacle course, as well as fun beach and kayak sessions, scenic hikes in the Andalusian mountain range and different trail and mountain runs, but will also incorporate Fanny and Alex specific training sessions that will give you an insight into their incredible technical skills and the training they do to achieve it.

Whether you are a beginner wanting to have some fun, a dedicated ninja warrior or an OCR enthusiast wanting to take your tekkers to the next level – Camp Ninja with Fanny and Alex is guaranteed not only to develop your skills but also to be a tonne of FUN! Not to be missed!
Price includes 4 nights’ accommodation, 3 meals per day, personal training sessions, 24hr use of all facilities, additional assault course training and airport transfers.

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Liknande inlägg

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