Snabb lax när det är bråttom

Vår trailkock Billy White får också ont om tid ibland när det ska lagas mat. Här bjuder han på en snabb och nyttig lax med grönsaker.

I try my best to run commute at least two days a week, it’s a nice 10k from our apartment in Hägersten out to Djurgården where I work. I must admit leaving a warm bed at 05.00 on a dark, freezing Tuesday morning isn’t always easy, but getting that solid base of miles in week in week out is the only way I can get consistent training weeks in, whilst juggling a fulltime job and a busy family life with two small kids.
One of the hardest things I find is how to fix a tasty and nutritious dinner when time is so tight. Over the next few weeks I’ll be bringing you a few recipes, that I turn to time and again when time is not on my side.
This is a really quick dinner, it uses one pan and one mixing bowl and takes just 15-20 minutes from start to finish. You can substitute the fennel and celery for radishes, raw carrots, cucumber, whatever you have in the fridge really!

1 kilo skinned salmon, sliced into 4 portions and seasoned with a little salt
2 heads of little gem salad, 1 small radicchio lettuce & 2 heads of Belgian endive, washed and chopped approximately 2 cm thick
½ red onion, 1 head of fennel & 2 sticks of stalk celery, all sliced as thinly as possible
Half a small loaf of bread, broken into bite size pieces. I used a white levain, but a dark rye would be even better
Juice of 1 lemon
2 msk gräddfil
1 small clove of garlic, crushed
½ dl extra virgin olive oil
Salt & black pepper
A big handful of picked flat leaf parsley

In a large bowl, whisk together all the ingredients for the dressing. It should be quite acidic with a bit of a raw garlic kick, but not too overpowering.
Mix the red onion, fennel and celery into the dressing, making sure everything is coated. This will soften the vegetables making them a little less sharp in the salad, but them to one side.
Heat 2 msk of olive oil in a pan, until it just starts to lightly smoke. Then carefully put the salmon in the pan on the side where the skin used to be, now turn the heat down to low/medium and gently cook for 5-6 minutes on that side. The flesh should look cooked ¾ of the way through, then flip it over for a further 2 minutes. If you are unsure whether its thoroughly cooked, just break it in half and have a look. Remove the fish from the pan and leave to rest.
Place the pan back on the stove on a medium heat, add the bread pieces and try to keep them moving in the pan for a few minutes until they are nice and golden. Take the golden croutons out of the pan and drain any excess fat on some kitchen paper.
Toss the chopped salad leaves with the dressing and marinated vegetables, season with some salt and pepper if you feel it needs it, arrange evenly on four plates. Break the salmon into bite size chunks and put on the top and then the croutons. Finally, a few leaves of parsley on each plate and you are ready to go. Enjoy!

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